Check out pictures from the test on 12/19. Garrett earned his Brown Belt and Byron earned his Gold Belt!

We had a great year-end pizza party on the 21st. Pictures here.

The next belt test is scheduled for December 19th. We will be breaking boards after the test!

Don't miss our end-of-the-year pizza party on December 21st! It starts at 6:30 pm - wear street clothes instead of your uniform. Bring your family and friends. A dessert dish would be a welcome addition. We'll be watching this martial arts video.

This is the last week of the fall session! The next session starts December 5th.

Our kids class had their very first test! Congratulations to our newest Gold Stripe students. (picture)

Congratulations to our tournament competitors! Garrett and Byron did a wonderful job, winning first place in each of their sparring divisions, and earning medals in forms as well. (slideshow)

Happy 80th Birthday to Mr. Erickson! (slideshow)

An extra class on Sunday is now available to Dragon School students. The class runs from 5-7 pm and costs $5 per class. Class is held in the downstairs dojo in the Cooper Fitness Center (12100 Preston Road; Dallas, Texas 75230).

Sundays will be less structured than weekdays classes - instructors will be available to work with you. This is a great opportunity for supervised practice. Sparring during this class requires hand and foot pads. Ask an instructor for more information.

Check out the terrific group of kids in our first kids class session (click for larger image):

The new session starts today! This session runs through November 30th. There will be no class on November 23rd.

No class this week! The next session starts on September 5th.

We are adding a children's class (ages 6-10) starting September 5th. Classes will be held Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7pm. See the about us page for more details.

Online registration is now available through the Rec Center. The Fall session starts on September 5th. There is a one week break between the Summer and Fall sessions.

The Dragon School schedule is now available as a Google calendar. This is a great way to keep track of our events if you have a Google account. (Viewable even without an account.) Check it out here.

Many thanks to Mr. Bryan Robbins, our guest instructor today. Mr. Robbins teaches Aiki Ju Jitsu at SMU on Saturdays.

Congratulations to our newest Red and Purple belts!
We had a wonderful in-class test on Thursday - click here for a picture from the sparring.

A list of test fees is now available on the Resource page. The next test is tomorrow, July 13th!

Check out the new Dragon School online store for all kinds of fun gifts and t-shirts for students and instructors!

Session 4 of 2006 begins today - don't forget to sign up! This session runs until August 24th.

Session 3 of 2006 begins today. Thursday class time has moved from 6 pm to 7 pm.

The 30th anniversary A-KATO seminars and banquet was fun for everyone. Congratulations to the student of the year, Ms. Lisa Montgomery! Ms. Montgomery also gave a very successful kids self-defense seminar.

Congratulations to Ms. Halleh Bahramnejad and Ms. Jennifer Vilches for successfully testing for first degree black belt in Kobudo.


2006 Class schedule:
  • Session 1: January 3 to February 23
  • Session 2: March 7 to April 27
  • Session 3: May 2 to June 23
  • Session 4: June 27 to August 24
    (No class July 4)
  • Session 5: September 5 to October 26
  • Session 6: October 31 to December 21
    (No class Nov 23rd)
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