The pizza party was a great success, although we'll have to remember to order more cheese pizza next year. Congratulations to our Kids Class Student of the Year: Thad Plymill!
Student of the Year (Click thumbnail for more party pics.)

The board breaking class on Tuesday was a blast. A lot of kids broke their first board, and the wood was flying everywhere in the adult class!
Miclo - Elbow Break (Click thumbnail for more board breaking.)

The holiday pizza party will be held on Thursday, December 20th at 6:30 for everyone in the Kids and Adult classes.

This is the last week of the fall session - the winter session starts next week. We're moving to a new format for the adult classes: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 7-9pm. Monday class will be more informal, with opportunties to practice on your own.

The belt promotion test went great! Everyone showed a lot of improvement, and had terrific attitudes. For more pictures from the test, click on the group shot:
Test 10/18/2007

The adult class test has been moved to October 18th. Please see an instructor to find out if you'll be tested.

The fall A-KATO tournament has been scheduled for November 3rd. There will be forms and sparring divisions for all ranks, including Black Belt.

The next adult class test will be held on October 4th. Please see an instructor to find out if you'll be tested.

The Kids class has moved from room A1 to room B1.

The Fall session starts today - tell all your friends!

The first formal test in the Kids Class went very well! Here are all the newly promoted students with their game faces on: Kids Test - Funny Faces

The kids class has moved from room C1 to room A1.

This is the last week of the Spring session. Summer session starts on June 5th and runs through August 30th. Don't forget to sign up!

We had a great test in the adult class - good job!

  • Green Belt - Byron
  • Gold Belt - Matt, Edleen, Pablo and Karina

Congratulations to our new students of the year: Garrett Foster and Miranda Moses!

A big round of applause to our newly promoted first and second gold stripe kids as well!

The current session ends Feburary 22nd. There will be one week off before the next session starts on March 6th.

The 31st annual A-KATO Seminar and Banquet day has been scheduled for March 24th.

Welcome to the new year!

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